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Move on!

NEW video!

Golden Era Bellydance is back in fashion! With more performances of the vintage style, plenty of confusion and misunderstandings flooded the performers. This video tries to point out the most common ones and give a brief explanation. Enjoy!

Bellydance Instructional Videos! Get Inspired, practice the technique and have fun ;)

You can choose from three categories: Bellydancer´s Vocabulary, Bellydance Challenge, and Shimmy Drills. The vocabulary will gradually include basic and advanced elements of oriental dance, their explanation, and practice. The Bellydance Challenge is for advanced dancers, who want to sweat and a little bit challenge their brain ;) And shimmy drills offer various exercises to practice shimmy and their variations. So do not hesitate and train! Every week a new video will appear! The latest video (motivational) is this:

Instructional videos

Bellydancer´s Vocabulary

Bellydance Challenge

Shimmy Drills